In no particular order, here are 40 things you can do during Lent. Tell us or show us

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o   Hike one of Tennessee’s beautiful trails.

o   Read Genesis 1 and imagine what God saw after each day of creation.

o   Take a picture where nature and humans interact or collide. (Ex: trash on a trail or bare feet on grass.)

o   Gather some natural materials and make something.

o   Fast

o   Write a poem, haiku, limerick or song about what you see in nature.

o   Take a walk. If you are in a city look for nature in unexpected places.

o   Say a prayer of gratitude for the things you take for granted every day.

o   Take a day off from driving.

o   Eat a meatless meal.

o   Look in the Topics section of your Bible and read scriptures about trees.

o    Audit yourself.

o   Look up at least one of your most common household purchases and see it’s ranking on Could you make a better choice?

o   Program your electronics to go to sleep after 2 (or 5) minutes of inactivity.

o   Turn off the lights when you exit a room.

o   Pack a lunch.

o   Plant a tree.

o   Go on a 3-day media fast. Use that time to pray, read scripture and be with family. Evaluate your media-free time and decide if or how much needs to be reintroduced to your day.

o   Purge things you do not need.

o   Go on a scavenger hunt. (Search Pinterest for nature scavenger hunts. If you have a smartphone, take a picture of the list then take pictures of the items you find.)

o   Only use refillable water bottles and coffee cups.

o    Request a for-here cup when eating out.

o   Practice the 5 R’s. Refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot.

o   Try a natural alternative to home-cleaning supplies.

o   Switch your coffee to organic, fair-trade.

o   Sabbath

o   Pick up trash and put in the proper receptacle.

o   Turn thermostat down 3 degrees in winter, up three in summer.

o   Wash clothes in cold water.

o   Give something away.

o   Pray for people who are experiencing environmental injustice. (Ex: the people of Flint, Michigan)

o   Turn the radio off and use travel time as prayer time.

o    Family night- have a meal together, play games, go for a walk.

o   Wait a month to buy something you want to see if it’s something you actually need.

o   Start a garden.

o   Donate your old electronics to a good cause.

o   Compost your food and yard waste.

o   Read Creation Care Themes Throughout Scripture

o   Give an experience as a gift.

o   Switch from paper products to reusable products.

© Blessed Earth Tennessee, 2016.