My birthday was in October. My sister asked me what I wanted. There’s nothing I wanted and nothing I needed. So, for my birthday she got me nothing. Instead, she made a donation to two of my favorite organizations. What a great non-gift gift!


It’s made me think. Thanksgiving is coming up followed by Black Friday, Shop Local Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday. What if we approached Thanksgiving and what follows differently.


Instead of skipping over Thanksgiving let’s slow down and be thankful. Perhaps in this state of mind we can make a list. Start with God. Write down the things you’re thankful to God for. Who’s next? For me it would be spouse, child, family, friends. Whatever the order, write the person’s name and proceed to write down the reasons you are thankful for them. This may be an easy practice or you may find some difficulty. It’s ok if it’s hard.


Once you finish your list and reasons to be thankful write another list for God. You may have found more reasons to be thankful after going through your list. Now, go back to the top person on your list. Take a minute to pray for that person and give thanks. Now, at the bottom of that list write an organization’s name that you would like to donate to in honor of your person. Put the dollar amount. Repeat for each person on your list.


What would our Thanksgiving and following days look if we did this?