We were asked to bring soil from home.

As I sat with my small reusable container filled with an ounce of soil fresh from my garden I caught a glimpse of something. I felt very large compared to the small sample of soil, but in that soil there was life. I was holding life. More life than I know about.

Then I suddenly felt like I was out in the universe looking at Earth. How small Earth is in the scheme of a God-created cosmos. Those two visions engulfed me with love. I caught a glimpse and feeling of how God admires God’s work and how humans should love and admire God’s work. As I looked at the soil, I was overcome with a desire to know it better, to care for it. I touched it and felt it’s softness. I inhaled the deep earthiness. I saw health in the deep shade of brown. Alive. 

Genesis 2:7 The Message- God formed Man out of dirt from the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life.

YHWH’s Image by Scott Cairns (excerpt)

With this clay He began to coat His shins,
cover His thighs, His chest. He continued this
layering, and, when He had been wholly
interred, He parted the clay at His side, and
retreated from it, leaving the image of Himself
to wander in what remained of that early
morning mist.

Go outside and sit. Scrape or dig into the soil until you have a small mound in your hands. Move it around in your palm. What does it feel like? What do you see? Bring it to your nose and take a deep breath. How does it smell? Close your eyes and breathe. Wonder. What are you sitting on? What is happening within it? Breathe. 

Do we take time to experience God’s creation? Do we take time to think about it, to wonder? Do we take time to observe and to learn from it? The story of creation is not just to be read in the pages of the Bible. Step outside and “read” it. God is not locked up in pages within a book. God is all around and we can learn about God when we take the time to notice and wonder about what’s created around us.