A few years ago I was in Oregon for a conference.  We had one free day and there was a lot I wanted to see. We headed to Multnomah Falls. There were many things I noticed. I noticed how people were dressed for rain and how the drizzle did not stop people from being outside. Granted, it’s not unusual for there to be rain in the northwest. Living in Tennessee, it seems like if it rains people head indoors. I don’t see a lot of people out during a rain that look like they’re out on purpose. It made me think about rain a bit differently. It also got me researching raincoats which I finally purchased during a particularly rainy week at a mostly outdoor festival. I loved my raincoat and being in the rain. 

A few nights ago I was awakened by a storm. I was tired, but I enjoyed hearing the rain pelting the roof and windows. I thought about the thunder and how it happens. I thought about the earth soaking in the water replenishing the aquifers and plants. 


Leviticus 26:4 I will give you your rains in their season, and the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. 


Do we allow ourselves to enjoy and think about the marvelous systems God created? Are we annoyed by rain or do we take time to be thankful? Do we listen to the rain? Do we notice how the creatures respond? 

Slow down and allow yourself to enjoy the God-created around you.