In the beginning... 

Have you noticed in the first chapter of Genesis that humans were not created until the sixth day. We weren’t created first. And, the sixth day we weren’t the only creation. Animals were also created on the sixth day.


I believe God was preparing a place for us. But, in that preparation we get some insight into God. After each day of creation, God said it was good. Whatever it was: light, dark, water, land, plants, birds, fish. Everything was good. Everything created on the first day was not good because of what was coming next. It’s goodness was not dependent upon the next. It was not good because it would be good for humans. No, God created and what God created was good. Because it was God-created. It didn’t need humans to become good. Now, when God viewed it all collectively on the sixth day God called it all together very good. On its own it was good; all together it’s very good. 

How can we remind ourselves that all creation is good because it is God-created? What action will you take each day to live in this good world?