We have a beautiful walkway flanked by plants that stand about 1-1.5 feet year-round. As you might imagine, catching weeds (a plant that is growing where you don’t want it) is difficult until they outgrow the plant. Catching trees growing is as difficult and they are harder to pull out once they reach the noticeable size. We have redbuds, crepe myrtles and some hackberries.

Knowing I wanted that area cleaned up, but also knowing I love trees my husband pulled out a few redbuds and then replanted them in pots. The summer here has been brutal and we didn’t have much hope for their survival. We watched the leaves turn crisp and brown. Nope, not gonna make it.


One day, as I passed one of the trees who was losing its leaves I noticed pops of green along the branches. The tree we thought for sure was dead had new growth! Cool, I thought. Another day, sitting on the back steps, I looked into a pot where another brown leaved tree was planted. Near the trunk, just above the dirt I spotted a few sprigs of life.


(Excuse me. I remembered there was another tree in front. I just went and checked it. Brown, crispy leaves, but at the bottom there is new life!)


This seems like a metaphor of my life these last 18 months. This move and transition hit me much harder than I expected. The pain was numbing. In order to not experience pain I had to forfeit feeling joy. So… I felt nothing. Feeling nothing is not a place to “live” very long and I knew it.


It has taken patience, persistence, friends, calling out lies my brain wanted to tell me and many trials with pharmaceuticals to get me to today. I am like the tree; plucked from my home and replanted. I turned brown, lifeless. But, there is life emerging from the roots. With the help of soil, sun and water there is life emerging.


(As I was writing this the story of Ezekiel 37:1-14 came to mind. I stopped to read it. My prayer and hope are in “I will put my Spirit in you, and you will live.”)

(If you’re looking for a song to inspire you if you’re in the midst of new life: https://youtu.be/4FC0NYDE14E)