In June, The Guardian reported the Brazilian Amazon lost 739sq km (285sq mi or Memphis to Cookeville) in the 31 days of May. Deforestation of the Amazon has been happening for years and now, as the dry season is here, the Amazon is burning.

 The Amazon

The Amazon is “home to about three million species of plants and animals and one million indigenous people.”

That is amazing! It’s hard to fathom, and as a person of faith it produces an awe of our Creator. I can imagine myself walking with God through the rainforest, excitedly pointing to the plants silently asking if it was created by God. God nods with joy and silently says “yes, even that one.” God is the creator of all things and loves it all.

Now I’m sad thinking about my neighbors in the Amazon losing their home. I’m sad because the plants and animals are God’s creation and they’re being decimated.


“Immersed in nature, I knew I was a part of God’s creation. They say that spiritual experience creates the illusion that we are connected to everything. I’ve always felt that spiritual experience is dropping the illusion that we’re not.” Boyd Varty

We may not be able to do anything about the fires, but there are some things we can do about deforestation.

We can reduce our use of paper products and wood products.

We can reduce our consumption of processed meats.

We can decrease our fossil fuel consumption.