·     Use locally grown pumpkins, gourds and straw to decorate.

·     Make a costume with what you have at home.

·     Borrow a costume.


·     Create a container for treats or use a pillow case or basket.

·     Use LED lights for decorations or in flashlights

·     Make homemade treats or use organic and fair-trade chocolates and candies.

·     Use vegetable-oil based candles. 

·     Walk from house to house.


Alternate Halloween

·     Invite friends over to decorate locally grown pumpkins with items you can find outside.

·     Carve pumpkins. Kids can scoop out the seeds. The seeds can then be rinsed and roasted.

·     Make homemade goodies together to share with trick-or-treaters or

·     Check with your church to see if there are members who are no longer able to leave their home and go trick-or-treating there. Don’t expect any candy; instead give them something like a coloring page from your child, a handwritten prayer, a cross or a healthy snack.

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